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- As we prepare your orders fresh every morning, our daily delivery window will be between 1pm – 8pm.
- If you have specified a time for your orders to be delivered (within our delivery window), we will try our best to fulfil it.
- However, if we are not able to meet your request but you insist for the order to be delivered at the timing requested, an additional fee of $10 will be added to your delivery fee as we will need to engage a separate courier to deliver your order.
- In the event that the recipient's delivery address is given wrongly and receiver or purchaser remains uncontactable, our driver will proceed to carry on with the next destination. There shall be no redelivery of items.
- We will not be liable for a failed delivery attempt due to incorrect / incomplete addresses given.
- If there is no acknowledgement from the receiver, the driver reserves the right to hang it at the door handle OR place it at a safe location nearby the door.
- Boms And Buns Pte Ltd will not be responsible for the condition of the items once they are collected by the receiver.
- Boms And Buns Pte Ltd will not be responsible for any lost items after delivery SOPs are successful.

- There will be a surcharge of $20 for any request outside our delivery window.

As hospitals & hotels have tight restrictions on delivery drop offs, please kindly arrange to pick up at the concierge or lobby when the driver arrives.