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Choux Wreath - 5 Days Lead Time

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9" Serves 4 - 8 pax

A fixed assortment of our daily signatures

Nutella, Kaya Butter, Susu Keju, Vanilla Salted Caramel
Almond biscuit with hazelnut cream chantilly. Decorated with berries, edible flowers, chocolate and gold leaf.

Includes a complimentary gift card.

Please note we require a min of 5 days to prepare these items.

Any successful checkout made lesser than 5 days will not be delivered on your selected delivery date if it does not meet the minimum order lead time.

No cancellations OR refunds upon successful checkout.

Best consumed within 2 days. To be kept refrigerated at all times.

Images are for reference only, actual product packaging, design and/or colors may vary and are subject to change.

Product aesthetics are based on availability of ingredients and seasonality and may change to other types as similar as possible.